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 he wind knows no boundaries with the wind, no boat, vice MBT Shoes Salesimply shot the

lights the face of clear understanding of expression, but added wind Qi's exclamation after hearing them, even move to their

husband, secretly Tongtongshaleng with no trace of wind, react Fighting the wind dropped the wind Qi's, stepped forward,

helped to live Golden Phoenix said: "Mother, you say? you uncomfortable, which helped his son and rest your yard to another."
    虎毒不食子, even selfish, such as Phoenix, at the last minute to the end is to choose his own son, no matter what is

inside of her heart soft patch of land, but finally put down.
    Days Kelian Jian, hateful man must have poor place.
    Only now it is not suitable for racket, after all, still in bed wind, no front, shrines of candles on his harmful removed

is also necessary.
    Just about to the front to persuade, not help the Phoenix hit a slap in the face no trace of the face, the wind, teeth

angrily: "You still have high hopes that I have been to son? You still willing to make progress in the smart, studious

Seamless up ? from small to large you want your mother does not give you anything? you is to the moon, the mother will think

you come off, now how do you become like this? you eat, your mother do not care, you put your hand real estate are lost over,

the last part of your mother is also willing to say that you only when you give up on themselves, more days like a natural.

but you now what this is? You think I do not know, that last one you fancy dancing girls, because to those industries to

their own hands and gave another one. Do you still count on my hands these industries left your brother, he went to after

they have given to you is not it? expecting that you should like the others Your younger brother went to so, so that you

continue to have that luxury and dissipation of life? you give I opened my eyes to see, that is your younger brother, ah, he

is your brothers, with no boat and knows no boundaries, fear of all The point is you can not do it? "
    The wind said no trace has been flushed, muttered: "I will talk about it Well."
    Qi's style is awkward to persuade some carefully said: "Mother, you ... ..."
    "You give me to shut up, mother talk, have you interrupt any of that? I take a son, now turned out, the credit may not be

without you." Qi's word tuck was the wind back to the last part did not dare to stand there mouth.
    Left Right sigh sigh sigh go on like this, there is no front to save the wind has changed not be saved, and I really

regret to raise this dead broke to pay attention.
    Noted that the expression of my tangled, close to the wind knows no boundaries not because of the Phoenix comes to their

own business and angry, but shook my hand, let me not nervous before the big uncle said: "Father, son have not, please The

requested ... .... "
    "Said ... ..." Phoenix stared at the big uncle, still wondering Golden Phoenix's words, there are a few few true is

false, I heard the wind a sea of ??words, coldly.
    "Since Erniang says, and his father agreed to leave the shrine, so long as to reduce the number of candles on the third

brother should not be affected much." Wind knows no boundaries, make the desperate of the Phoenix kindled a ray of hope, hard

look a great uncle.
    Room into a confrontation between one o'clock, a silence that only the Phoenix and the cry of the wind Yip, echo and wind

knows no boundaries. Other people are not out of the atmosphere soon, including the bed of the two doctors say the wind did

not dare say no front of the case, had to go back to Shih-pin.
    Great uncle turned to look to me and asked: "ranks the fourth family think?"
    I? What do you think I can, which said everything, but some regret Bale. Besides the wind had just a sea of ??way is to

take into account both the emotion to the wind, no front also greatly benefit, then: "The daughter agreed to the views of

husband, father also requested the sake of adults."
    He nodded, then no great uncle, turned around on the Golden Phoenix said: "Then leave it, but knows no boundaries and his

wife was right, this incense must be reduced, leaving only a Hong worship worship has become. Good the ... ... all with me

away. "Having never allow anyone to oppose the negative hand towards the door.
    The insistence of the Golden Phoenix, shrines, after all, or stay in the inside, just a handful of incense into a

solitary burning incense, incense is all removed, and the windows open, the air has been replaced.
    Perhaps the air change, perhaps one day without a break, anyway, had a hour later, the wind no front miraculously

revived, drink syrup does not go earlier, he woke up the next few mouthfuls of the pharynx, after even those already We

despair for Barbara is big good news.
    Front view of the pre-wind, no disease is too powerful, its looking or can not see, white scary.
    But the doctor, then let the big guys worry long, full of endless gratitude, that would change to the modern doctor is

this: "dangerous period has passed, but need to be hospitalized for observation a few days!."
    The doctor at this time is the most sacred and most everyone wants to worship the moment.
    Thank days, thanks to, thanks to the presence of a doctor in this profession.
    Thank days, thanks to, thanks to parents for their support, in view of the rapid fall term, I only continue to call for

tickets pink, pink pink ticket votes ... ah ...
    Then again return to peace, and we continue our journey into the sweet!
Chapter V of the end users to upload with branches, but say the thirty-fifth chapter
    Wake up in the wind, no front did not take long, the Phoenix to find great uncle is willing to leave to take care of

yourself wind, no front, such as wind, no front real danger period, then the command to the mountain Laotai Jun temple

    Great uncle figure out what was going on in the following, they do very much love to promise down, facing a doctor will

be called the two eyes, two doctors ordered treatment to be dedicated, if the insurance down, then people will have a large

raised him.
    Seamless side with the wind after the wind, no boat with two brothers, horse back hunting village, a few personal

bodyguard already looking purple cold, but he just bite followed.
    Although the rain stopped, the wind stopped, six guards, vehicle patrol, but the wind knows no boundaries, or I do not

trust a man rush, great uncle in Bingming abandonedMBT Shoes Clearance immediately after the car, slow carriage ride with me line back to the

hunting village.
    Sau Man and Yi Hui as the wind knows no boundaries into the car, not in the car and then had to sit with the groom with

the car ahead, though hard, but also satisfy their desire to see the scenery.
    After I described the way in place today, after hunting woman in the town, a pair of British wrinkled brow is a mess, do

not know the sigh, or the angry, then simply hold tight just a word I do not stuffy in there.
    Know he is miserable, anti-hugged him softly coaxed: "If you worry about the mother's situation, we rode back to the

good, I've got to send a few guards Hongyi be fine."
    The wind knows no boundaries shook his head and replied: "Do not think children deal ... ... well, my father had just

rush back to, for fear is to visit the mother, but I went to get in the way. Just really looking forward to the future

mother's sake because the children think , forsake my burden lighter we go live. "
    "But ... ..." Great to see the oldest maternal aunt will not be because they are stimulated to a great uncle. After all,

big oldest maternal aunt's state of mind to vulnerable people feel bad.
    Before I finish this, your lips were covered with a soft, felt the cold wind coming from the lips feeling knows no

boundaries, not just respond to him self-conscious, just want to give him some warmth, but he is holding what kind of mood

    Internal carriage but this sudden cold and warm up the gentle, experienced twists and turns of the two men the day

gradually warmed up and heart.
    This is a purely kiss, only love is no desire, they are intended to appease each other, to let the other side continues

to be some days before the mood. Do not worry about these things in the past, the days will always get better.
    Nestled in the arms of the wind knows no boundaries, much of the cloak wrapped in two. A look at what the coach did not

dangle in front of Man and Yi Hui show came the occasional chat sound.
    Having previously thought, then turned and stared at the wind knows no boundaries to their concerns out to say, the wind

knows no boundaries put lip a chuckle: "Do not worry, the mother is not so fragile. Now only to see his father, and if the

father can be arrested today opportunity to demonstrate a good living, then maybe broken mirror can ends. "
    "Really ends up broken mirror?."
    Want to really be able to so do, after all, women need to follow the single-mindedness in this era. In particular, in

such a manner as the large lady oldest maternal aunt, and then become discouraged if a lot of things have to take into

account, there is a family of powerful face, more importantly, to take into account their child's future. Therefore

Zaikuzailei only be buried in the hearts of all, no place to appeal, no one can appeal.
    Its Ziku life, not go to waste if, after all, after her husband Mituzhifan. Forgive each other, to find a free good.
    Now with all the fetters of his future son who have been ceded to the government, enemies of the Phoenix has been the

government would definitely want to leave Santo, her husband for many years to forbear at this moment has also been a claim

for money for the right ... ... If Qingzhou want to open, so as to think her husband is to Qingzhou people is good.
    Leng Leng look at my watch their stay, the wind knows no boundaries and is a punishment after the kiss, before my arrival

with forehead forehead, said: "Do not hesitate. Worry. Predecessors trees, descendants cool to see more previous grievances,

listen more dismal story, we will cherish their own lives. thinking children, I am really glad to marry You. You make me feel

to have never been to happiness and fulfillment. did not know kinds of happy people can be cynical to fight Quduo, but know

the future. but more things like the Sweet Basil. as if others do the best of things to exchange with me you, I do not. I

just want to have you alone is sufficient, even if the world will abandon me, and I as long as you enough ... ... "What with

what ah, I did not think about our problems, but in any case, still feel my heart filled with Well, that day's rat race

today, gripped have been filled. Now they face the wind knows no boundaries of facial paralysis that even words to say such a

disgusting way, is really very funny.
    "Puchi" came out a laugh, chuckle to no better laugh, the wind is long black line to take a look laughs: "hate, now is

really getting disgusting husband of the ... ...."
    The wind knows no boundaries handsome face lined by the black line into dark clouds, black face was aggrieved and said:

"Do not think children do not like? Think children if not subtle, where you come to the husband, you did not like!"
    Like, Who does not like, what women say they do not like her husband to coax them smile, even when the wind knows no

boundaries do not say these I admit, I like him like hell, not to mention it was just touch the honey of the wind knows no

boundaries, it is like to go straight to the sky outside Kokonoe, but people just feel a bit strange it!
    Fear of the future no longer hear the intimate, then had to hold back the laughter with weak replied: "like, husband say

people like to listen." Some things do not speak out, that is: from you or are too small, the people you're a little sheep on

the eye, and years of painstaking efforts, and so is not that exactly the day? How can anyone not like the truth.
    "Jon just mouth sweet people worried about the post, in case ... ..."
    "What if?" To be shown in front of my daughter Jiaotai, teasing smile re-exposed the wind knows no boundaries, all dirty

trick asked.
    "In case you later with another woman said these words, people ... ..." not to hard in a vain it? Need out of a small

raise is too much, instead letting others go cheap dip.
    "This is indeed a problem, you husband I jade tree, worth more first-class, small to large I do not know just how much

the woman secretly loser tears flee. Said that in years in the capital, if it were not staring at a sister lurking around in

the next , fear not the palace had long been praying for marriage. But ... ... "the wind is long, but after Yaotouhuangnao

said to have never refused to go on the way Joseph, Nu Ji, I really rely on the hearts and minds to rely on of ... ...
    So proud of him to go displeased, crawl out from his arms, kneeling on the carriage and took him by the neck sweetly

said: "Let you proud, make you proud of that, but what?"
    Weekdays only secretly glad that his alone with the wind knows no boundaries only when no big or small. I usually like

the boss, as the rules and did not do things too far, or really big trouble jokes.
    Through the "living record" aware of my appetite, the big oldest maternal aunt to catch on swiftly break the trend of

Kyushu East Park, boo me again and asked theMBT Shoes  warm winter, the kind of tangled happy and cautious attitude, I feel deeply to

the oldest maternal aunt of my great love of the heart.

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distinguished family

Association would like to recommend me to mercenaries? "
    "Ying Yang master was right." Xinni Di nodded hisCheap MBT Shoes head, and she just looked around to, lower the voice said, "Of course,

I just said a proposal fills the solar system aiming at master heard Yang Ying

Outside. I think it is a good mercenary guild level. "
Open up the body of mineral Star
    Field eagle thin Association asked the case under the mercenary, Xinni hands gently curved long guns waved palm it

appeared out of thin air a data disk, Ying Yang handed her in front of it: "This is a

Association were introduced Orion Arm mercenary file, please receive. "
    "Xie concubine."
    Ying Yang extended his right index finger in the data disk that the data of a palm-sized green box immediately surfaced

in the data plate, top with silver text displaying the singer: "Do you receive data?

"Here there are" yes "and" No "to both options.
    Yang Ying nodded "yes" then immediately turned into a whole optical data disk and into the palm of Yang Ying. Ying Yang

touch of hand in the void, several Guangping appeared before him, vast amounts of data flow

Too high in the Guang Ping, a video with text, it is forced to send over the files Xinni.
    Yang Ying Yimushixing keeping in mind. While in the multi-distraction, emotion soon have the energy out, advanced

technology is already breaking the virtual and real at the junction of the hands of the data disk Xinni Di

Not the entity, but rather a virtual shadow. Used to represent the packet.
    The ghost can be a data disk. Can also be a piece of paper, a pen, or a flower, a stone, and even sun and moon, Castle

Peak trees can, after all, important intangible

Packet, give it a tangible virtual shadow, only to make transmission easier to operate Bale.
    The Yang Ying, the Xinni Di proposal is sent sleepy pillow, as he pointed out a practical way, after all, is the Young

Eagle's line of work mercenary, done hundreds of times before, there are battles to fight, standing

. Ways can get some information.
    After reading the document quickly, Yang Ying will be few, Guangping all off, on Xinni force said: "Xinni Di Masters,

your proposal is very useful to me, I really do not know how to thank you enough."

    Ying Yang files when looking at the time, Xinni Di is on the side watching, there is no urge heard, was very patient and

look, this time to thank her for listening to Young Eagles. Immediately bade said: "Where, to cite only

Hand labor Bale. "
    Although this is for her, really little things. However, little effort to reach out to help themselves, apparently not

without reason, there is no reason to hate the world, there is no reason

    Yang Ying mind a thought, would guess she has the initiative to provide information on mercenary Association Eighty per

cent is also due to consider themselves "true human" reasons. Heart with a sigh,Italian mercenary group level, the mercenary

group are not worried about the difficulty of the task, it can reach an agreement in private, which will not obstruct the

mercenary guild, as long as this task has not been in the Association of cloth.
    Ying Yang is just that some things still have to do what, seven terror task extremely difficult. Ge is a mercenary guild

points in the task of the highest level of first-class, only the Orion Arm of the mercenary group the top

In order to cope, those who master all seven clouds mercenary group, technologically advanced, mass, any one can not easily

solve Hardluck fourth grade promotion ancient army, even Harder

Grams of the fourth grade promotion, and if the attack by seven mercenary group, can only save his own. Revenge for the tribe

and then only, the other ancient ape-man army one way only destruction.
    Yang Ying pondered a moment, that seven of the task, not mercenary group is now the Portland could lay their hands, if

five could try. So they replied: "There is not qualified to take a back

Things have the ability to pick is another matter. We have just established this mercenary group, hastily accepted the task

of the highest level, not a wise move. It passed beyond our capacity, I do not

Can Weili
    "No, no, not that the task of level you want it, we also invited a number of other excellent mercenary group to join, not

to make your group alone, the specific circumstances of a long story, please give us a

A chance to explain, if we explain the over, you will not receive or that, then we give up hope, no one will disturb. "Some

man in black urgent road.
    Ying Yang is said to move, if you only listen to the words, but also no losses, and seven of the task is not common, only

some of a very wide range of extremely, extremely difficult, can be called

Seven tasks, now available anyway, to learn aboutMBT Shoes UK Ye Hao, sidewalk: "listen to does fit."
    Ying Yang intends to see some man in black, also said: "Here many people, not for talking about events, if you have time,

they can find a quiet place. Let us understand what has happened, said one."

    Unremitting it, you say a place. "
    At this point, Yang Ying, a pedestrian drifting away, has come to the hall door, she out of the building, hall, there are

still many people in the hall talking about the purple vision, speech refers to a pedestrian on the Young Eagle

Pointing point.
    However, although the bow a lot of attention Yang Ying, but no one knew he was and the man in black in the conversation,

because the volatility of telepathy is another secret. The man in black and Yang use telepathy to communicate is a hawk

Name the third level of the masters, Thus, in addition to the two sides can talk to know the exact contents of the

conversation, room only a few other people master the third level, you can faintly feel the telepathy of the

Fluctuations, but do not know the source and content of telepathy.
    The man in black said an address, see Yang Ying, a pedestrian left, and then he nodded to each other, but also left the

hall without any compelling.
    Ying Yang stroll around the city in Ouidah, to a hotel outside the city, man in black the address quoted in this hotel.
    4 hundred gets a service and asked to address, it is a private room top-floor restaurant, a pedestrian will be straight

on the top floor, to the private dining room door.
    Has long been a man in black, etc. in there, see people coming, they open the door to greet people in, and shut the door,

waited at the outside. He is clearly one of the bodyguard role.
    Private room there is another three man in black. One of them stood up, Yang Ying-line courtesy of a welcome, said Yang

Ying heard of a language. Crisp sound, even Warren Vegas did not understand

. Ying Yang a, heart Ancun: "is a woman?"
    Fortunately, 4 child understand the language, Li Xuan Ze turned and said: "The owner, she said, is that you can come

really good."
    This is not a telepathic communication with, so there is the language of the points, is clearly speaking man in black in

the three leaders, three from her position in the middle, can be seen.
    Ying Yang, heart of a dynamic, it is the man in black Bacheng own language, as said, obviously not hide his identity,

then nodded his head, and Warren Vegas each seated, Ying Yang 4, helps the body to

After standing, Yang Ying to the man in black asked: "What words would you say that singer? This direct exchange."
    The man in black leaders say a few words, 4 hundred turned Ze said: "She said she is not the spirit of the force who can

not use telepathy, ability to learn is only general, not able to grasp the five common language, although the Star Garland

Saike Luo language and language she knows all that, but not enough for the exchange, it is ashamed. "
    The man in black said something about again, and then she lifted her hands, lifted his hat, his hat put down the

connection, exposing the truth to her, she looks really is a woman, and in

Discipline is very light, with pale yellow eyes, the pupil is a vertical slit, his face with a layer of fine dark green

scales, as if the glass-like trace of light, spread to the collar along the neck under her body can guess Lee

This is true, scales with her delicate facial features similar to human, do not have some fun
    Ying Yang recently catching up after a while the Orion arm of common sense. I remember the appearance of belonging to

people of higher civilization Flynn, Flynn's position in the Orion Arm ninety-eight, although less than a hundred, but at


Apparently no other civilization status. Bi Xinbu people will like better.
    Also made two other men the same movements. Flynn who they are, a man and a woman, age is clearly larger than her, Ying

Yang, you can feel both have a third level of spiritual strength, and

And are respectful of the girls exception, it seems not a servant is the housekeeper's role, outside the other hand, that

when the bodyguards, and only the second stage of the spiritual power. At most the equivalent of a medium read Thorens.
    Ying Yang, heart jing, allow two master when the servant of the third level, which Ming Fulin girl obviously is not

simple, not have a prominent position. Has a distinguished family background is.
    Flynn girl smiled and said a few words, 4 turned Chak Au said: "The owner, she said her name was Haven, this time you

come, that is, pieces of the task for that MBT Shoes Clearance matter, as a courtesy, which should by her

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